Losing Money to
value vampires?
Putting out daily fires with dry hose?
Feeling the pain of systems that never seem to work?
Value Transformation LLC provides consulting and training that will
heal the wounds of processess gone wild

Value Transformation LLC

Value Transformation LLC has extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in product development. This experience is largely focused upon software, specifically embedded products, and the manufacturing of those products.  Significant amount of experience in the automotive and aerospace industries.  Some of the companies for which the members have worked are listed below. Value Transformation personnel are geographically distributed, we make use of connectivity tools to provide an advantage. We have consistently saved company's millions of dollars in quality and cost improvements in b

For training and consulting activities, Value Transformation LLC personnel are on call or come to your site for periods of time to ask questions, gain insight, generate ideas and execute to help you achieve your company’s object
Value Transformation LLC provides you with several training options: On-site Off-site Through our web site Through conference calls and video With CD/DVD and follow-on question sessions We have done webinars a
Product Development
Value Transformation LLC has many years—the principals alone total more than 50 years—and extensive experience in product development (automotive, defense contracting, public utility, etc.). This expertise spans new product
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