As you may have noticed, we are working on a Configuration and Change Management book. In an effort to articulate the proposition, we are using the blog temporarily to define what we seek and the benefits to those who contribute. We are looking for configuration management tools, techniques and stories. We are especially interested in […]

by Jon M Quigley I sit in awe at the variety of things that can be built with Lego. One is bound only by one’s imagination. However the wonders of modularity are much more than kids play and business and engineering can learn considerable from these ideas. Even before I was playing Lego’s with my […]

Jon M. Quigley I keep ruminating on the article from the American Management Association on people leaving their previous employer ( The findings of Leigh Branham in the above study are both discouraging and encouraging. Discouraging in that there is a problem with how we treat our people. Encouraging in the hope maybe we will […]