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By Jon M Quigley Project Failure Sometimes, the reason for the project failure has to do with selecting the wrong approach or methodology.  For example, there are times when we should choose an agile approach rather than a conventional project management approach.  Those of you, who have talked to the staff at Value Transformation, know […]

Joe Dager’s Business901 podcast with Kim L. Robertson Configuration Management Tales #2 The second part of a two part podcast on configuration management tales.   If you missed the first part Configuration Management Tales #1 it can be found at      

by Shawn P. Quigley and Jon M. Quigley In our previous post we have discussed Maslow’s Human Motivation Theory (Hierarchy of Needs) and Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory (Hygiene and Motivation Theory). However, to be aligned with our recent post about Pavlov’s Employee we should look at the Expectancy Theory of Motivation developed by Victor H. Vroom. […]

By Jon M Quigley How can we get good judgement (learn)? Projects are unique, each present distinctive challenges, though these challenges often are constant in theme allowing an extrapolation to other projects.  We can see in projects, functional areas and business processes where this failure of learning costs our organization dearly.  Learning and adapting are […]