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by Jon M. Quigley and Kim L. Robertson Words have specific meanings across all industries sectors which allow us to decode what is said by another and come to some understanding. This is a very important activity, as without effective communication not much will happen in a collaborative setting. Waiver: After it is manufactured it […]

By Shawn P. Quigley Leadership Equation From our previous discussion you may remember the leadership equation: B= f {(Exp3) (A2) (DL) (T)} { f (P2)(GB+GTX)(WC)}. Which was derived from Lewin’s equation of B=f (P,E), (Lewin, 1936). Since we have discussed all of these concepts before it is time to work toward understanding their interrelations. Personal […]

Imaginary Numbers = Lies Got you!  I bet you were thinking this was going to be a complicated math post. It is not, but it is about metrics.  Companies often employ measurement (at least they should) to determine the state of a variety of endeavors that are moving through the organization. For example, a project […]