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Thinking back I have been working on the introduction to product testing course at Value Transformation’s learning portal.  Working through the material reminded me of some experiences I have had that I think should make it to the rest of the world. I was once a verification and test person; I have been a tester, […]

Register for the free introduction to product (hardware and software) testing in a course online that covers the topics: Stakeholders / Sponsors Project Scope Configuration Management Static Testing Techniques (inspections) Dynamic techniques Approaches to testing Regression , Re-test and Human Interactions Evaluation Putting it together with TIEMPO Test Management This course includes the creation of […]

We have created an online introduction to product testing course. The course is free, and highly interactive. It consists of ten modules on topics listed below with some of the attributes per module.       1.)  Stakeholders and Sponsors   2.) Scope and Requirements   3.) Configuration Management and Testing   4.)  Static Testing Techniques   5.)  Dynamic Testing […]