Process Management

To ensure repeatable outcomes our organization may establish a process by which the work will get accomplished. These processes take on a systems perspective and require coordination with the adjacent processes. Though there may be discovery in product development and innovation may not always follow a process or script, the subsequent work endeavor to bring the product to fruition can and should be process centric.

International Standards Organization

The International Standards Organization (ISO) as the name states is an international standards body not bound to any governmental or extra-organizational body. This group works to establish and promote industrial and commercial standards. These standards range from developed and manufactured products, as well as agriculture and food as well, including quality process standards.

Capability Maturity Model Integration

Capability Maturity Model Integration or CMMI is a mechanism for assessing as well as providing a road map (staged approach) for developing an organization that is able to repeat successes. This CMMI is for development consists of a number of processes in four process areas. Those process areas are, process management, project management, engineering and support. Each of these process areas consists of a number of specific processes.

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