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November 4, 2015




We have long taken the position that a discussion of scrum and conventional project methods should not be combative or mutually exclusive.  Both of these approaches have something to offer.  Each has strengths that when mapped to your organization and situation, can improve your chances of a successful project delivery.  It is even possible to […]

Cell phones and Laptops, Tools – or the Distraction to Success Ever think your not getting the most out of your team due to distraction.  The greatest invention perhaps is the smart phone.  Now it is easy to check all of our email accounts, text message our friends, post on Facebook, blurt on Twitter, connect […]

I know this is way off topic; however I thought we should post this. Below is a letter my brother and I sent to the Veterans Administration. Our father was in the Special Forces and served multiple tours in Vietnam.  The US has been in wars for decades now, and we do not know the […]