Independent Test and Verification

Independent Test and Verification

We are composing a glossary of testing terms and we take one from that work today and discuss here.   We welcome any and all that would like to contribute.

Today we discuss development and independent test and verification.  A development organization can be structured in many ways. The development and testing can be essentially one department under one management structure, or these two areas, development and testing can be separated each with a respective hierarchy.  Like most things, there are benefits and drawbacks for each approach.  The trick is to map the biggest benefit to your organization, or reduce the negative effects on your organization.  All of this means the selection for organizational structure is likely not best left to an arbitrary decision.


I am sure we see the obvious benefit of having the test personnel integrated with the development staff.  Those who have been in development for awhile no doubt understand the communications … Continue reading

Verification and Validation

Verification and Validation

The definition for verification and validation can be found at[1]:


We must express some disagreement with the activities associated with the individual areas. For example, testing is not limited to Validation. Testing is also a function of verification as we will use these techniques to understand if the instantiation of the product meets the specifications.  Testing will be part of the quality assurance activities for the product – are we building what we said we would – through iterations of the product.  Big bang is dead – meaning build everything at the beginning no longer happens. That method only works in products of the smallest scope.  Rather, we will increment the feature content, verify the product build matches requirements delivered, log bugs and get ready for the next round. The next round fixes bugs, adds more of the requirements to the product content verify and so forth.

Likewise for Validation, there are things other … Continue reading

Project Scope, Strategy and Risk

Our risk exposure starts at the beginning of the project. Even before the project is actually a project.  The simple act of scoping a project in the initiating phase already alludes to the risks to which we may be exposed. For example, the minute we decide that our project scope is going to include software, we now know that risk associated with software projects are part of our future risk activities.  For a successful outcome to our project, our strategy for the project will need to include aspects that will mitigate or reduce these risks.

Let us consider scope first.  In an attempt to achieve synergies, or save money we often see the loading up of a project scope and objectives.  Sometimes this is possible we can achieve multiple objectives with efficacy provided there is enough cohesion in the objectives that allow formulation of a strategy to accomplish.  Typically, this disparity of scope and objective actually reduce our probability of … Continue reading

Off Topic Dad

I know this is way off topic; however I thought we should post this. Below is a letter my brother and I sent to the Veterans Administration. Our father was in the Special Forces and served multiple tours in Vietnam.  The US has been in wars for decades now, and we do not know the total cost in terms of the lives of our veterans.  The numbers are not just those lost in the field, but also those that come home and their families.  For example, in our house, you knew to close the cabinets slowly (I closed them on my finger and then gently pulled my finger from behind the door) so the door does not make a bang sound, awakening or startling our dad.  I thought this was normal until I saw the medical records when he went into the hospital.


I am submitting this claim for VA compensation on behalf of the family of … Continue reading

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