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New Configuration Management book

Configuration Management book

PM Chat podcasts:

A podcast interview with Jon M. Quigley who along with Kim L. Robertson have written the book: Configuration Management Theory, Practice, and Application!

Jon M Quigley (embed link to ) discusses requirements and configuration management required for incremental and iterative product development and it is incumbent upon the project manager to have a modicum of understanding about this product management area to ascertain the level of risks to the project based upon the level of capability of the organization.

Software Process and Measurement Cast podcasts:

The Big Picture of Configuration Management, Tom Cagley and Kim L. Robertson

Configuration Management is a common thread that ties the various departments and organization together, facilitating coordination of effort and is fundamental to product and human growth.

Product Development and Configuration Management, Tom Cagley and
Jon M. Quigley

Configuration management, the management, and control of project deliverable, is one of the most critical practices anyone building a product, writing a piece of code or working on a project with more than one person involved must learn or face the consequences!

Business 901 podcast:

Configuration Management Tales part 1 , Joe Dager and Kim Robertson

Tales of configuration management part 1:

Configuration Management Tales part 2 , Joe Dager and Kim Robertson

Tales of configuration management part 2:

Evolution of the product through configuration management , Joe Dager and Jon M. Quigley

Discussion of the role configuration management plays in orchestrating the functional and feature growth of the product through the development process and throughout the product life-cycle:

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