Effective Product Testing NOT a One Trick Pony

Posted on: April 25th, 2013 by admin 4 Comments

To perform embedded software testing, we recommend five phases of testing. These phases may take place concurrently and are as follows:

    • Compliance testing
    • Combinatorial testing
    • Stochastic (or exploratory) testing
    • Extreme testing
    • Attack mode

Each of these methods provides some view of the product the other method does not. Of course, testing the product is not the only way we can ensure the quality.  We have already discussed some of those other tools and techniques in previous blog posts.  We turn our attention toward effectively testing the product in the next blogs, each post describing the above list.

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  1. Ronald de Saran says:

    A very interesting take on testing products that use embedded software. I think this will be very useful to our QC team.

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