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Posted on: December 30th, 2015 by admin 1 Comment

This blog is usually about technical topics and product development and learning focused. Today is different. Today I am going to write about something that has been on my mind for many weeks now, though I am not very good at expressing.  That uneasiness of expressing has contributed to my starting and stopping with this post.  However, given this time of year, and my many blessings, of which people are significant, I felt compelled to follow through.

In July of this year (2015), I was called by one of my high school friends and informed that his dad had died.  I have been thinking on this blog post since his death and the funeral at which I was a pall bearer.  I had not returned to where I grew up too frequently, in fact it has probably been more than a decade.  Life, work and other family obligations kept me from going home.  However, over the years my mind would wonder back to those days, often in the most unusual places.  I remember being in Gothenburg Sweden for my job. It was late at night, after work, and I was having dinner in a Chinese restaurant not far from the hotel.  As I ate, I noticed the music and it was James Taylor and I had an instant flashback of the many times I had been around a camp fire with my brothers, and more importantly and sadly, how staying in touch over some 35 years was inconsistent.

This was the last of the fathers of my best friends in high school to die.  It was the last of my fathers to pass.  I count myself fortunate indeed to have been a part these families growing up.  I will not discuss my family life only to say that all families, like individuals, are a combination of strengths and weaknesses. I was fortunate to be part of these families, as their strengths were not the same as my family and no doubt this has made a significant difference.  I would not like to think of a life in which these families did not take me in as their own, I learned much from my extended family, the Olive’s, and the Mendoza’s.   At no time did I ever feel like a friend, but something much greater, and even still today though many years have passed.  I owe them greatly for the many contributions they have made to my life that have allowed me to wend my way here.  Though genetically we could not prove related, we most assuredly are, and I am ever so grateful and blessed for being part of their family.

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  1. Edward Mendoza says:

    Jon, your heartfelt words are the emotions shared by all of us. Love and respect make a stronger family than blood, because it is something that we choose. You have been a blessing and an example for me for many years, and I am glad to you are in my past, my present and my future.

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