Value transformation was founded in 2009 by Kim H. Pries and Jon M. Quigley with the goal of providing product development and cost improvement expertise to businesses primarily through training and consulting. Kim Pries left and moved on to other endeavors.

Value Transformation LLC Manifesto

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to supply the best consulting and training (product development centric) solutions that wed practical experience with the theoretical. Our approach is based upon state of the art in learning research and a combination of education and experience in industry.

Vision Statement

To be the most sought after product development expertise in the world from our customer’s perspective. We invite the best people into our organization – creative, hardworking and dedicated.  Our strength is this talent and constant learning and continuous improvement.

Team Selection and Development

Team members are invited into the group based upon past experiences. We look for specialized certifications, degrees and experience. We work with these people to enhance their credibility through written work such as appropriate books and at key magazines and e-publications.


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