We are network leader

We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues
We added technology to strategy. You get the multiplier effect

Our team members are connected and have contributed with many organizations over the course of their work life. It is our use of technology and understanding of these connections that provide us with a strategic advantage. For example, our distance learning tool, that used by universities and community colleges, allows us to quickly create your industry and company specific works. That includes a virtual classroom complete with lectures and collaboration tools.

We are connected to many industry and trade journals in ways that provides us with information and trends in the industry of which you may not be aware. Our longevity in product development and the variety of roles and capacities means we have history of hard to come by and hard fought experiences.

Our consulting desire is to be integral to your internal team working with them to both take on the challenges of the work load and learn along the way while doing the work. When it comes to training, we have a similar approach with custom or standard type of training, to impart very specific and tangible skills or techniques to your team, ideally in a cohort setting, facilitating collaboration even away from the office or work hours.

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