Kim Robertson

Kim Robertson started his first company at the age of 18 and has an extensive background spanning forty years in all aspects of business and aerospace. He is the author of over 100 discipline specific training packages, 3 fiction books and articles for CMTrends and various other trade publications from industrial arts to Configuration Management as well as the book Configuration Management: Theory, Practice and Application. His interests in education and training development started in his teens. He is a NDIA certified Configuration Manager with degrees from Westminster College in Mathematics and Physical Sciences and a Master’s degree from the University of Phoenix in Organizational Management with a subspecialty of Government Contracts.

His work experience includes wildlife art, photography, electrical circuit design, manufacturing, learning systems design, systems engineering, configuration management, contracts administration, policy and review, intellectual property, corporate audit, corporate finance, supply chain management, marketing and public speaking. He and lives in Colorado with his wife Dee and their dogs Rufus and Grizzly. Kim enjoys history, music, foreign travel and the outdoors. Contact Kim through LinkedIn or

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