Shawn P. Quigley

Shawn P. Quigley is the Area Improvement Coordinator and Program Exposure Manager at Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department Kings Bay Georgia, which is a remote branch of Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY). Mr. Quigley retired as a Chief Warrant Officer after 30 years of naval service. He has experience managing projects for both the Navy and NNSY ranging from the refueling of a nuclear aircraft carrier (USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, CVN-71), a fast attack submarine (USS SAN FRANCISCO, SSN-711), and the decommissioning of a fast attack submarine (USS HAMMERHEAD, SSN-663) and a destroyer tender (USS PUGET SOUND, AD-38).

He has also trained and qualified hundreds of Naval Nuclear Operators over his career. He has been trained in and is currently teaching organizational learning, root cause analysis, and organizational development. He is also the co-author of many magazine articles at a number of online magazines such as PD&D on the topic of learning, organization development and project management.

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