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Certified Tester Foundation Level


Improve the quality of your test endeavors by learning key software testing techniques.  Team members will learn test processes, testing techniques that help prioritization and optimization of the test plan as well as the role of configuration management in testing.

Managers of test departments will benefit from a foundation for your efforts through common lexicon and models of the work from which you can further build your team post training.



Certified Tester Foundation Level Course

Value Transformation has decades of software testing experience, including preparation for CTFL.  Software testing is core to product development and done ineffectively, will cost the customer and company dearly.  The world is full of examples where testing is done poorly and consequences on the organization and customers. Delivering a poor-quality product to the customer is not in anybody’s interest.  Effective testing, especially of software products, can be complex, and is not the sort of thing that happens at the end of product development.

The training will be a combination of virtual classroom and self-study.  The class will consist of 4 hours of instructor classroom engagement per day.  The expectation of the student is to put in an additional 2-4 hours per day with presentation material, quizzes, and games, before the classes with the team.

The instructor will present in a virtual classroom at the Value Transformation training portion of the website, using the Big Blue Button or other virtual classroom tool. Questions, quizzes, and discussion boards will be accessible from this location. Each student will receive specific login credentials, along with grades for the quizzes and puzzles.  The students will have access to the material for 60 days to allow the student to continue to prepare for their respective certification exams.

Course Schedule

    1. First Session
      1. Module 1 – Fundamentals of SW testing
      2. Module 2 – Testing throughout the SW cycle
    2. Second Session
      1. Module 3 – Static Techniques
    3. Third Session
      1. Module 4 – Test Design Techniques
    4. Final Session
      1. Module 5 – Test Management
      2. Module 6 -Tools Support for Testing

Course Dates – 2022

June 21st – June 24th, 2022 (4 x 4-hour sessions)

Additional information

Date of First Session

May 23rd 2022