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Project Duration Estimation Cards

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Duration Estimating Cards that can either be used as planning poker cards or conventional duration estimating as hours much like  Wide Band Delphi only faster.

Cards can be used in the estimating relative size, hours or by days.  This must be provided by the facilitator at the start of the estimating session.  If hours are employed, and a task under estimation is too large, break the task up into smaller scope.

  1. Facilitator (does  not play) distribute cards – on series to each estimator
  2. Facilitator identifies the task to be estimated, questions can be asked from the team
  3. The team estimates using the cards by putting the card face down they believe reflects the duration
  4. Once each participants estimation card is on the table, the cards are flipped so all can see
  5. The results are discussed – ask why the person picked the number they picked
  6. After discussion everybody picks up their cards
  7. The team estimates again
  8. When the estimates converge sufficiently that is the estimate (may consider removing the upper and lower extremes)

Quick and accurate estimations are required for quick responses and successful project delivery. This deck of cards facilitates achieving those quick estimation for work breakdown items. It does not matter if the estimates are proportional or based upon hours. The cards and your team will provide a variety of perspectives of the item being estimated. Convergence of the estimates provides some confidence in the estimates.

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