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    Published On: October 22, 2008
    Number of pages: 198
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Originally created for software development, scrum provides project managers with the flexibility needed to meet ever-changing consumer demands. Presenting a modified version of the agile software development framework, Scrum Project Management introduces Scrum basics and explains how to apply this adaptive technique to effectively manage a wide range of programs and complex projects.

The book provides proven planning methods for controlling project scope and ensuring your project stays on schedule. It includes Scrum tracking methods to help your team maintain a focus on improving throughput and streamlining communications. It also demonstrates how to:

  • Combine traditional project management methods with Scrum
  • Adapt the familiar work breakdown structure to create Scrum backlogs and sprints
  • Use a "Scrum of Scrums" to manage programs
  • Apply earned value management, critical path, and PERT in the context of Scrum

Having successfully deployed and implemented Scrum across multiple companies and departments, the authors provide valuable insight into how they achieved their past successes and overcame the trials involved with the deployment of a Scrum environment. Throughout the text they discuss improvisation, creative problem solving, and emergent phenomena—detailing the methods needed to ensure your team achieves project success.

Pries and Quigley give many important insights and points on using Scrum on a real world project. Different from many books that simply cover the mechanics of the pure process, SPM also covers some interesting variations such as how to use Scrum in a department that uses Waterfall and when not to use Scrum. It compares Scrum to Six Sigma and how to implement Scrum in several diverse industrys. It is an easy read and helpful for someone trying to get a Scrum team working. I believe it could be the only book you read on Scrum and you would be successful....
- M. Sorensen
October 18, 2010 at Amazon

This is a great book for both scrum and non-scrum project management organizations. Illustrations of scrum principles were explained using traditional waterfall terminologies like work break down structure to create backlogs. The book emphasis the fact that Scrum approach can be used beyond software development and explain in detail how it covers all aspects of entire life cycle of the project. The book extents it scrum principles beyond software to other areas like school administration, education etc. Book recommends a hybrid of waterfall and scrum approach for successful delivery of projects and help organizations to customize an approach that will satisfy industry specific standards.

Highlights: What I liked!

Book reveals Authors expertise and knowledge of waterfall and scrum project management methodology was very impressive. I really like the detailed explanation of scrum process with real word examples and explaining scrum principles by relating traditional approach budget, schedule, resource, scope, communication, risk, quality management. This approach completely reflects the mind of a project manager like me who used scrum and waterfall approach
- Aravind Arthanari
Review Date: October 2010

This is an excellent book for the beginner or the experienced. For the beginner it lays out the process of SCRUM in a very understandable way and provides the level of detail necessary to be successful in managing scrum driven project. For the experienced Scrum manager it provides the insight and process definition to make them better at delivering their Scrum managed project better for improved process refinement that can lead to greater successful outcomes.
Pries and Quigley made this book and easy read and for that, I thank them. It made a subject I have been avoiding very understandable and I could easily add Scrum to my PM tool box of knowledge.
- Kenneth B. Wagner
Review Date: October 27, 2011

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