Services us
For training and consulting activities, Value Transformation LLC personnel are on call or come to your site for periods of time to ask questions, gain insight, generate ideas and execute to help you achieve your company’s objectives. Our members have expertise in a variety of industries and disciplines with extensive experience in new product development and manufacturing. Our members have generated intellectual property both domestic and international. We are a collaborative organization adding value to your existing talent to achieve your organizations’ goals.

  • Reliability engineering, testing, validation
  • Quality management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Filing patents
  • Software quality tools and techniques
  • Software development
  • Software verification and validation
  • Production testing
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Setting up training programs
  • Formative assessment and summative evaluation
  • Project management
  • Quality project management
  • Complex project management
  • Embedded project management
  • Configuration management
  • Process and quality improvement
  • and much more!


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