Value Transformation provides coaching for your managers and key technical staff in specific product management or project management areas (see our specialty topics) or in the context of the organization and the work being done. This includes Scrum team development or on specific projects to grow the talent and improve the outcomes along the way. It need not be project based but can be functional based, for example, development of the product testing and verification group.
Coaching is designed to facilitate the growth in capabilities in one person, a specific team, or a specific department and can be a short or long-term endeavor and is flexible in scheduling. The time can be fixed per week, or per month or as needed. We can coach from on site, our preferred way, or a combination of on-site and virtual methods.
Coaching can also take the form of assistance with developing your agile or scrum teams. The Value Transformation staff have experience using scrum for embedded software projects as well as adaptations to the line management with great increases in efficacy. A short, non-exhaustive list of the areas upon which we can coach is found below.

  • Team building
  • Quality management
  • Filing patents
  • APQP
  • Software verification and validation
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Quality Techniques
  • Process Management
  • Scrum Team Development
  • Testing, verification and validation
  • Total Quality Management
  • Software quality tools and techniques
  • Software development
  • Production testing
  • Project management
  • Configuration Management
  • Embedded Product Development
  • Process Development

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