Quick Problem Solving

Quick problem solving is like consulting work, however, may require a more active role by Value Transformation staff. These are less scheduled and more subject to needs as a circumstance presents itself. It can be specific process failures or product failures from which containment, root cause, and quick recovery are necessary. Value transformation will augment your existing team to determine the root cause of the situation and propose corrective actions as well as mitigating actions, acting like a tiger team to resolve the problem.
For example, perhaps you have quality issues you would like to explore. We can use our Total Quality Management expertise to help identify the possible sources of the malady, then we can lead specific A3 or 8D root cause analysis work to determine the root cause. We can then work with your team or solo to proffer specific solutions. This service does not process specific but applies also to product failures which may be due to environmental contaminants or stimulus. Our team members can help explore and understand the nature of the failure to determine the corrective action that could take place to eliminate or remediate.
The exploration may require some physical testing to test the hypothesis, we can help by specifying those tests and, in some instances, conduct. This exploration is not limited to the product but also to the manufacturing line where tools like Total Quality Management techniques can be used to assist in discovering specific improvement areas.

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