Value Transformation LLC offers a variety of training approaches to developing your team. In all instances, concrete objectives are identified. For non-custom training, those objectives are identified in the course catalog along with duration and prerequisites. We use well-defined rubrics, formative assessments to gauge the present level of skill, and summative assessments to ascertain the final degree of ability.
We have a process driven approach to learning. We couple the theoretical with the actual world and do not just work from the lectern but have games and exercises that help drive the learning. Where possible we demonstrate, then guided practice, they are there when the student works through the using the skill or technique solo or in teams.

Check out our course catalog or visit the download section of the website.

  • At your location:
    In this approach the training is conducted at your site with your team following our 90-minute lesson plan approach that demonstrates the approach or technique, then guide your team in the practice of that technique; finally, your team will demonstrate their ability with the concept. This ensures the greatest possible
  • At an off-site conference
    In this approach, the training is conducted from an offsite conference room to reduce distractions that may come with onsite training sessions, using the same approach as at your location apply.
  • Online in cohorts
    In this approach, the training is conducted by enrolling the members of your team that you identify into our online and self-paced training. The coursework is presented to achieve the defined objectives with defined and sequenced modules of content. Practice and assessment occur via tests, puzzles, and collaborations on the way to demonstrate the degree to which the student has acquired the knowledge or skill. The cohort approach provides opportunities for your team to learn from others. There is minimal support for the training personnel making this the most economical
  • Online with virtual classroom
    This is web-based training complete with lectures and demonstrations from the instructor as well as the student. There are clearly defined times and days for the lecture that can be set up to minimize the impact to work and home lives.

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