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With Agile, Every Day is a Review Day The constant reviews of status of the project activities via daily Agile sprint meeting, provides the mechanism for the latest state of the project.  This includes the scrum master and product owner apprised of the situation.  I like the analogy of a pilot making course corrections. If […]

The following text is the Preface to Scrum Project Management written by Kim H Pries and Jon M Quigley and published by CRC Press from Boca Raton Florida published in 2011     Product development is becoming ever more complex. The pace of technological change is ever increasing, leaving little time to accumulate expertise before […]

Conventional Project The previous two blogs demonstrated a way to employ agile techniques. At the top level the project was executed as a conventional project.  The project had gates, a steering committee and numerous schedule layers.  The organizational structure is balanced matrix (for the most part).  The organization is distributed both by function and geographic […]

As we execute the test cases, we will likely find failures. These failures or faults will be reported into a reporting system that will allow us to track the failure resolution. We can also use that here in our progress tracking sheet.

Agile in Conventional Project Line Management The following is a story from a couple of years back.  The story is about lengthy set of verification activities (multiple iterations) in a large conventionally run project.  As many a test engineer will relate, testing is always cramped for time. Meaning, the time we want the answers is much […]

Agile Applied to Verification Agile practices can apply to more than just project management approach, or even only to agile projects.  The techniques can help line management functions or used in subsections of projects that are otherwise conventionally developed and executed.  In the next series of blog posts, we will show how these techniques used […]

Press Release: Conventional and Agile Project Management Comparison The Metrolina Chapter of the Project Management Institute in conjunction with Value Transformation will present a comparison of conventional project management with agile project management. Hickory, NC — The NC Metrolina Chapter of the Project Management Institute together with Value Transformation are pleased to announce a chapter […]

In conventional project management, it is called the white book. In agile, it is known as the retrospective. Both the retrospective and the white book serve the same purpose that is to learn from the past and improve the future. Though the objectives may be similar the manner and perhaps the efficacy are quite different.

I comes as not surprise that I follow other bloggers. One of my favorites is a word press blog of Tisquirrel.  She has recently posted “It seems that I hate estimations. Really?” that I thought very telling. The trouble with Estimates The trials she describes happen very frequently. The truth is, estimates are just that […]