Verification and Validation

Verification and Validation

The definition for verification and validation can be found at[1]:


We must express some disagreement with the activities associated with the individual areas. For example, testing is not limited to Validation. Testing is also a function of verification as we will use these techniques to understand if the instantiation of the product meets the specifications.  Testing will be part of the quality assurance activities for the product – are we building what we said we would – through iterations of the product.  Big bang is dead – meaning build everything at the beginning no longer happens. That method only works in products of the smallest scope.  Rather, we will increment the feature content, verify the product build matches requirements delivered, log bugs and get ready for the next round. The next round fixes bugs, adds more of the requirements to the product content verify and so forth.

Likewise for Validation, there are things other … Continue reading

Verification or Validation

In some recent discussions with product development neophytes, we have heard a merging of the concepts of verification and validation.  Let us set the record straight.  Verification and Validation are not synonymous.  The World English Dictionary defines verification as “establishment of the correctness of a theory, fact, etc…”   and validation as “to confirm or corroborate”.  We can thank Barry Boehm (famed American Software Engineer) for the clarifying of these words as they apply to product development.

·         Validation: Are we building the right product? ·         Verification: Are we building the product right?

These two things are not one and the same thing, and in the world of product development, articulating these ideas correctly matters.  Let’s look into each of these closer.

In the definition of verification, the word correctness appears. Are we building the product right (or correctly)?  It is interesting that this word does not appear in the definition of validation.  The notion of correctness is important in that … Continue reading

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