Excellent instructor, very personable & engaging. Fielded questions pleasantly & adroitly. Overall very professional.

Mark Belcher
Florida Department of Financial Services
Excellent training!! Jon is an excellent instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the subject area (testing). He provided the right mix of techniques to engage the participants and stimulate thoughts fro questions and how to apply the course contents. Our organization would definitely recommend Jon to teach subsequent courses at FDFS.

Angela Harrison
Florida Department of Financial Services
I really enjoyed the class. Jon's experience and background helped in understanding the material.

Brian Fields
Florida Department of Financial Services
He (Jon) recently gave an excellent talk on software compliance testing to my electronics class. Contact him about giving a talk to your classes.

Beymer Bevill, Jr., P.E.
Department Chair, Associate of Science/Engineering (Pre-Engineering)
Department Chair, Electronics Engineering Technology
Fayetteville Technical Community College

Beymer Bevill, Jr., P.E.
Fayetteville Technical Community College
"I will always remember your tip on ISTQB qualifications which has improved my organization technically over these past 2 years,"

Carl Woodward
Volvo Construction Equipment
Mario Kupries I am deeply impressed by your book "Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems". I have been involved in many projects in the area of Automotive. I am by myself (.:connectomiX) an associated member of aBB – an OEM supplier consortium (GER) comprising of approximately 1.3K companies.

Handing over your book to lots of people in charge would have been much more efficient than facing dozens of endless meetings being based on failing substantiated knowledge! Yes, that’s what it is about: Substantiated knowledge transfer. This is what the book does! (Actually your work does.)

Kind regards from Berlin, --Mario Kupries Chief Software Architect Officer & Founder at :connectomiX

Mario Kupries
Scrum Project Management book

This is an excellent book for the beginner or the experienced. For the beginner it lays out the process of SCRUM in a very understandable way and provides the level of detail necessary to be successful in managing scrum driven project. For the experienced Scrum manager it provides the insight and process definition to make them better at delivering their Scrum managed project better for improved process refinement that can lead to greater successful outcomes.

Pries and Quigley made this book and easy read and for that, I thank them. It made a subject I have been avoiding very understandable and I could easily add Scrum to my PM tool box of knowledge.

Ken Wagner MPM, PMP
Principal Faculty at City University of Seattle
As a provider of specialized engineering services Xdin is always working towards continued competence development for our employees.
We turned to Value Transformation for help with specific tailor made training and we have been impressed with their professionalism, dedication and willingness to go the extra distance to meet our demands.
Feedback from my employees is very good – They have received a toolbox full of new and refreshed knowledge that is directly applicable to them in their daily work, giving Xdin an edge as a service provider.
We definitely see Value Transformation as a valued partner going forward.

Anders Persson - President, Xdin Inc.
As editor of Software Magazine, I often ask for readers interested in writing for the publication to contact me. When I heard from Jon Quigley and Kim Pries, they pitched me an article on software development in the automotive industry, which we ran in March 2009. As a career journalist, I am always on the lookout for those writers who can order nouns and verbs into subjects and predicates, in a way that is understandable as language, and with the proper tricky mix of business and technology perspective for our readers primarily in IT management. These guys can do that and they bring to the table a vast knowledge of software engineering, especially embedded systems, based on a wealth of their personal experience. They have since written for us on a steady basis on a variety of topics including Configuration Management (January 2010), Defining a Work Breakdown Structure (March 2010), Taking a Scrum Approach to Software Development (July 2010), Taking a Four-Phase Approach to Software Testing (November 2010), and a commentary with “When Words Collide” (January 2011). I would vouch for Jon Quigley and Kim Pries as highly-knowledgeable consultants in a position to help your business.

John Desmond
Software Magazine
We have used Value Transformation here at STP on a couple of very important projects and it has been an absolute pleasure. Jon and Kim understand the importance of deadlines and they meet them. Once you have agreed on the project scope and details you no longer need to worry about the management of the project. Jon and Kim take care of the details and they make recommendations for improvements when they see a new opportunity. If you are looking to hire a team to help you get a project off the ground, make recommendations on a current project, or to develop it from inception right through to completion, I can say with confidence, you will not be disappointed!

Rich Hand
Director of Membership & Publications
Software Test Professionals
Kim Pries and Jon Quigley are the ideal author team for an editor. They view the big picture of becoming successful authors and are still able to tend to many the details of publishing a book. Since I published their first book, Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems, they have gone on to an envision a line of books. They are realizing this vision by having published two more books, Testing Complex and Embedded Systems and Scrum Project Management. In addition to authoring the books, they have been able to master typesetting these books, as well as indexing them. All highly detailed worked that they accomplished expertly. Finally, as true authors, they know they have to actively build their audience by promoting their books and work. They are well on their way to achieving this goal through their magazine articles, conference engagements, and networking with leading academic and professional institutions. Pries and Quigley are driven author team that can envision the big picture of becoming successful authors while still able to carry out the many activities needed to be successful authors.

John Wyzalek
Senior Acqusitions Editor at Auerbach Publications
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